My name is Anant Agarrwal. I hold an Executive Alumni Status from IIM Calcutta in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. I have done Post Graduation program in Digital Marketing from Purdue University. In my small Professional career, I was fortunate to work with a few firms as a Marketing consultant. I am currently working as a Brand Manager with Cogent Infotech. I love to read different Mythology and try to integrate them with Management studies. FEED POST ranks my Blog in the Top 30 Mythology blogs globally.

Brand Manager (Cogent Infotech)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To develop a content strategy around different products.
  • Measure and Report performance of all marketing campaign and access ROI
  • Monitoring market trends research consumer market.
  • Developing campaign for each Target Segment.
  • Identifying opportunities in the domain of AI consulting and implement the same.
  • Working closely with the digital marketing agency and maintain the relationship in order to get the work done.
  • Working closely with social listening team in order to give more insights to our clients.
  • Developing algorithms with coders in order to make our product stronger.

(2017 – 2020)

To achieve the target for different SKUs and ensure the effective delivery of the same, create an online campaign to increase the
customer base for my territory. Implementing marketing initiatives for different products. Planning BTL activities for TOI and other products and looking after OOH sales and Trade and DSP Sales. Hiring and training the interns for the entire Gujarat region to
achieve the planned target. Maintaining the data and analysis of the
same for further needs. To increase the subscription base of WWM (World Wide Media) magazines and maintain smooth relationships with schools and
colleges for increasing the base for TOIC and ETIC. Maintaining relations with distributors and vendor agents to
achieve smoothness and effectiveness in the supply chain. To keep a proper check on Distributors’ outstanding and stay the same under the prescribed limits. I was responsible for carrying out research works with the help of interns on various areas affecting
circulation. Performing backend operations to the closure of purchase orders within the SLA. To keep a check on DSP activity from the Backend office for the Vadodara region and training employees of
Surat and Rajkot region for the same. Planning for retention of customers and proper implementation of the same. Keeping control over waste materials and cannibalization of trade copies into DSP.
I have worked with the brand team and researched the various.

500 MBA CLUB (Vice President Technical)

(2021 – Present )

  1. Analyzing customer digital journey and come with a prescriptive analysis.
  2. Designing content strategy in order to increase the engagement. 
  3. Working with their product team for their upcoming courses.
  4. Designing NLP to gain insight in order to increase organic reach. 
  5. Working with the strategic team for long term planning.